Selecting the Essential Traffic Safety Gear

The value of safety gear has been demonstrated many times by those who wear the gear and have avoided a tragic accident. While the following example involves aircraft workers and the hazards of static electricity build-up and the danger of it around fuel, it demonstrates that safety gear has advantages that would not ordinarily be recognized. A new safety vest for aviation workers was created with a material blend that eliminates static electricity around fuel. The type of safety gear that is available for traffic workers offers protection that the wearer may not be aware of and may not know they need.

There is no question about traffic safety gear saving lives and preventing debilitating injuries. A traffic vest is a high priority for workers, who are in the midst of moving cars, or working on the roadside. The question is what gear is the most appropriate, and this may depend on where the traffic safety person is assigned.

Selection of a traffic vest requires a little research. Each state has guidelines and standards for the material used to make the vest. Traffic vests should be designed to meet the standards of the Association of National Standards Institute, also known as ANSI. ANSI designs mesh, insulated, and fire-retardant vests. ANSI has a class 2 vest which includes more detail on color, fabric, assembly quality, and the amount of reflective material.

Many states do have mandated specifications on the type of reflective safety vest and clothing that must be worn by crews. A cost-effective highway project will, in part, depend on workers avoiding injury.

Other traffic safety gear that will be effective in protecting the worker on the highway are the safety wands. Safety wands are meant to direct traffic away from hazardous areas. An example of an effective wand is the 13" x 1.25"red wand that is powered by five bright LEDs. Many wands can operate as a flash light, and have a flash & steady-on red light.

Managing highway construction hazards or accident sites requires the use of barricade tape for warning motorist of restricted access areas or of highway workers in the area. A good barricade tape is made of Polyethylene Film and is 2 Milli-inch (mil) thick. Many varieties are made for the various uses that barricade tape has.

There are not many substitutes for getting the attention of a driver than a traffic whistle. Drivers are usually sensitive to a traffic whistle and will respond to it. There are steel, brass and plastic whistles. When buying a whistle check for a dB rating which is a measure of how loud the whistle can be. OSHA does not have any noise level specification for whistles, but the user may have a sensitivity to a whistle.

There are several ugly occurrences on roads daily that cause people injury. This makes it vital to have protective gear when undertaking any activity in or near the roadway. Traffic safety vests are part of the protective gear that can be used to protect you. They enhance your visibility, especially at night,making the roads more secure for you. The use of this protective gear has several advantages and we will discuss some of them below.

Enhance Visibility

First, these protective gears enhance visibility. By being visible, the wearer is protected as other road users will see him/her reducing cases of accidents. This clothing has reflective stripes that make the wearer easily recognized by other road users. These reflective stripes send light to approaching motorists making them alert that somebody is moving in the road. This way, the motorists can slow down and avoid hitting the person.

Reduce Accidents

Another benefit of using traffic safety vests is that they are helpful in reducing accidents on the roads. By using this protective attire, accidents are fewer in the roads and it becomes a better environment with reduced deaths. They are affordable by many users since their prices are reasonable. Moreover, these pieces of safety equipment can be put on over other clothes and are very easy to use.

Seen From A Distance

These protective gears are visible from a long distance, approximately a hundred meters, and they provide protection to the user. Due to their high visibility, speeding motorists can slow down and drivers can correct their vehicle's speed and path before any ugly occurrence happens. As earlier mentioned, the person wearing this attire can be noticed from a far and thus, can be avoided by motorists.

Anyone Can Use Them

Another advantage to note about this protective gear is that they can be used by almost everybody. They come in different designs meant for different users. Their sizes also vary enabling people of different sizes to use them. These vests are largely used by traffic police, road workers and road contractors as well as those who participate in recreation that brings them on or close to roadways.

Available Online

This safety clothing is readily available at stores in different areas. They are also sold online which makes it very easy for people who are busy to get them. This is time saving since the customer does not have to walk from one store to another comparing prices and styles. All you require is a computer with an Internet connection and all comparisons and purchases can be made online. This also saves money that could be spent in traveling from one store to another.

Regulated By ANSI

Another benefit is that making a choice of one that best suits you is not a hassle. This is because the safety vests come with specifications from ANSI. These specifications act as a guide to customers in choosing the best safety vest for their requirements. This is based on the employment background and color of the buyer.


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